Association of Fashion Designers in Kenya – AFAD Kenya

The Association of Fashion Designers of Kenya, AFAD-K, brings together Kenyan designers, suppliers and design industry professionals into one forum. Our goal is to increase the visibility of Kenyan designers both locally and globally, provide an information sharing platform, address industry challenges and build a comprehensive database of key suppliers.


Brand2D is growing evolving from a website development firm to an award winning digital and creative agency headquartered in Nairobi. We are home to 30 radiant minds who deliver assignments in east, west and southern Africa to medium and large organisations in FMCG, technology, finance and insurance.


At Yusudi, we envision a world where every young person has an opportunity to develop and apply their best talents for self-fulfilment and common wealth.

Slypix Media

Slypix Media exists to help SMEs in East Africa have a strong online presence through elegant web design and branding. Slypix Media also offers photography services for weddings, parties, events, merchandise etc.


Zumi is an online women's magazine for the fierce and fashionable in Kenya. Based in Nairobi, Zumi delivers the latest news in fashion and beauty, lifestyle and love, health and entertainment.


Julikana is a storytelling and content agency visioned to help startups, creative and social enterprise brands be known and memorable to their audience through content development and brand storytelling. We treat brands like stories and craft memorable experiences for our client’s audience across their business model and value chain.

‘Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs’

Hatched in 2010, Nest is a full service early-stage venture capital firm focused on helping startups and talented founders from around the world build businesses that apply and commercialize innovation. Nest partners with leading corporations to run a series of mentor-driven accelerators. Designed to support the needs of high potential and fast growth startups, these programmes include a unique mix of resources that enable entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses rapidly. Nest was founded in Hong Kong and has presence in Nairobi, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Bangkok. Nest has built platforms to support entrepreneurs at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.