Fri 25th Nov 2016

A brief summary of the sixth week of the programme.

This was by far the most intensive week of the programme yet. The cohort began the week by thinking through how to compile important business documents such as concept notes, business plans and pitch decks.

“I’ve been in business for about 5 years now and I want to take my fashion house to the next

level. For this to happen, I need investors and we all know how much they like to see clear

plans, facts and figures. I wish I learnt how to make a proper business plan at the start of my

career.” said Liz Kitua of Kidosho.

The week progressed with an intense 2-day workshop curated by Waridi Schrobsdorff, founder

of Fashion Africa 254. She had one-on- one sessions with each of the designers where she gave

them feedback on the prints and fabrics they were using to come up with their collections as

well as reviewed concepts for their look-books.

“In my opinion, Waridi’s session was by far the best highlight of the programme. She understood

us, she gets everything that goes into the process- from coming up with designs to the

execution.” said Christine Njoki of Ikojn.

The week came to a close with Wandia Njoya of Vivo ActiveWear delivering a workshop on

business strategy, production and design. She shared her business’ success story and gave

tips to the budding entrepreneurs.

Formidable fashion photographer, Victor Peace, also stopped by to get to know the designers

and give them tips on how best to leverage a photographer’s eye in order to come up with great

visuals for their collections.

Week 6 was a success!

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