Fri 11th Nov 2016

A summary of the fourth week of the programme.

This week was all about knowing who the customer is and how best to appeal to them. Some of the sessions included a Public Relations workshop with Diana Opoti and a Communication workshop with Maridadi.co.

To jumpstart the week, Connie Aluoch conducted a workshop on Fashion Entrepreneurship with a focus on the African context. This was then quickly followed by a speaker session with Ami Doshi Shah and Aprelle Duany. Both the speakers gave inspiring talks on what working in the fashion industry has been like for them as well as shared their best advice with the cohort.

The week then transitioned into an understanding of the world of social media and communications. Sam Nkirote McKenzie of Maridadi.co shared life hacks on how best to turn social media into a tool that attracts more customers. The session was incredibly detailed with advice ranging from the optimum picture dimensions on different social sites to the best layouts and content planning for websites.

Diana Opoti shared some gems such as how to remain constant and in touch with the latest trends. She also gave the cohort advice on what resources to use in order to forecast the next big trends of the seasons.

All in all, the week was one that gave the designers’ social presence a much needed face lift.

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