The Evie Maina Challenge: Cohort Gets Pieces Adorned At Africa Fashion Week LA

Tue 18th Oct 2016

Read all about the first challenge designers had to take on in the program.

The program kicked off its first week with a challenge for the designers. Evie Maina, Cultured blogger and Tv personality, had planned a trip to attend the Africa Fashion Week LA 2016. In a bid to showcase what African fashion has to offer, she was willing to wear some of the cohort’s haute couture designs during appearances in Los Angeles such as the gala dinner as well as do a blog feature.

Not being one to shy away from a challenge, the newly formed cohort took this opportunity in stride and pulled out their most glamorous looks from past collections. Evie had a fitting session where she tried on all the pieces and picked her favorite looks.

Wendy Tsuma of Ayitso Tsuma, Wairimu Migwi of Manciny and Christine Njoki of Ikojn were the lucky designers whose style coincided with Evie’s bubbly personality.

“I picked these designers’ looks because the vibrant colours and patterns felt exactly like things I’d go for in a store. I can’t wait to show off these pieces with the world and see the collections that’ll come as a result of the knowledge they acquire within this program.” said Evie Maina.

Kudos to all the designers for taking up this challenge!

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