Fri 28th Oct 2016

A summary of the second week of the program.

This week, the cohort went on a journey of self-discovery. They had eye-opening workshops on trademarking as well as personal and brand storytelling. The designers had to think through their reasons for joining the fashion industry and what their business goals and aspirations are.

‘Why do you do what you do?’ asked Victor Murithi of Julikana Agency, a brand storytelling company. Using the shoe company Tomys as a case study, he took the cohort through a step-by-step self-evaluation dubbed ‘Heart of the Business’ that every brand should undertake in order to realize their vision and mission.

“I design clothes because I want to make women feel beautiful.” said Christine Njoki of Ikojn. The session helped her identify the purpose of her business and in turn, this would aid in identifying the values and culture that shape her brand.

Yusudi also conducted a workshop on personal storytelling where the designers identified the unique stories that led to the creation of their businesses. Through these candid stories, they could relate more to their customers.

“My line, Peter Black, was created in memory of my late father. He was a strong and confident man who put integrity over everything else. I want my customers to be bold when they wear my pieces. I also want my business to uphold integrity at all costs, just like my father did.” said Irene Muiru of Peter Black as she shared  her personal story with the rest of the cohort.

In a nutshell, this past week was spent trying to answer the question ‘Who Am I?’

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